KnotBags cost only 5¢ per bag, rather than 20-25¢ each for zip-type closure bags

Practical and economical

We all enjoy the convenience of plastic storage bags. But now there’s a bag that’s even better to use at a price you won’t find in supermarkets or even in the giant warehouse stores. KnotBags are just 5¢ a bag, compared to 20-25¢ each for sliding closure bags.

Clearly better

KnotBags are strong, versatile and transparent. They help you keep organized and make things easy to find. The 10 x 16 inch one-gallon size is perfect for all those everyday uses, and they come in handy everywhere – the kitchen, pantry, workshop, garage, office and even in the car.

Why “Knot?”

Easy to close and easy to open, just fill the bag and tie the top in a simple slipknot. That’s why it’s called the KnotBag. Foods stay fresher longer. Airtight and leak-proof, dry items won’t get wet, and moist things won’t dry out. For your added convenience we also include plastic twist ties.

The first dispensable bag offered for the home.

More convenient

The easy-to-mount dispenser packs can be hung behind a cabinet door, a closet door, in a pantry, or anywhere within easy reach

Easily to dispense

With a simple fingertip touch, KnotBags come off the dispenser one at a time, so you won’t pull off more bags than you need.

Save valuable space

You’ll no longer have boxes taking up space in drawers or on shelves.

You’ll find endless uses for economical KnotBags

Sandwiches  |  Leftovers  |  Cold Cuts  |  Picnics  |  Freezer bags  |  Nuts and Bolts  |  Screws
Craft items  |  Cooler ice bags  |  Sewing Patterns  |  Wool Skeins  |  Crayons  |  Small Toys
Wet Bathing Suits  |  Holiday Ornaments  |  Jewelry  |  Travel Items  |  Office Supplies